Hatha Yoga englisch

Lunch Yoga Flow


If you are like me and working in front of your computer, you might feel tired and tense after sitting at your desk all morning. Do you know what can help? Joining me for an hour of yoga over lunch and kick-starting your body and mind. 

I offer a gentle and encouraging lunch yoga class that includes physical movement, breath work and meditation.


A yoga practice over lunch gives you the amazing opportunity to turn off your mind for a moment and gain more mental clarity. By turning inside and working with your physical body, your breath, and your mental body you can recharge your energy levels and feel powerful and amazing for the rest of your day. 

In my yoga classes I want to create a warm and encouraging atmosphere so that all students, no matter what level, feel welcome and can thrive. I offer variations and adjustments so that everyone can feel comfortable. I teach my lunch yoga classes in English. 


Every Tuesday 12.00-13.00


See you on the mat, Alina 

Sign up via alina@yogaalina.ch or 079 643 12 86